From Arthur N. Prior to Hans Kamp on 11/12/1967


A part of the Arthur N. Prior and Hans Kamp letter correspondence

This letter is part of a collection of letters between A.N. Prior and Hans Kamp written between March 1967, after Prior met Kamp at UCLA, until June, 9th 1969.

This letter has been transcribed, edited and commented by Woosuk Park, Adriane Rini, Patrick Blackburn and David Jakobsen. Citation of this letter should take the form:  
Prior, A.N. “Letter from A.N. Prior to Hans Kamp, December 11, 1967 II”, [transcribed, edited and commented by Woosuk P., Rini, A., Blackburn, P., Jakobsen, D., September 2019], in The Nachlass of A.N. Prior (2019) ed. Hasle, P., Øhrstrøm, P. and Jakobsen D. URL =

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